Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What a waste!

Residents in Acocks Green have been complaining about the rubbish left on the streets as a result of a badly planned recycling campaign devised by the Liberal Democrat/Tory council in Birmingham.

The plan was that every household would get a fortnightly collection of green garden waste during August and September. The rubbish collected would be composted for use in the city.

Unfortunately, many households didn’t know when the bags were being collected, so they were left piled up on the street, filled with rotting grass and leaves. The City Council refused to collect them before the official start date, meaning that some bags were left out for weeks. Even now, our streets are often littered with these green bags and many people don’t know that the collections will now only take place every four weeks.
“This council missed a great opportunity to collect green waste for composting and improve a dire record on recycling. Instead, they’ve left rubbish rotting on our streets.”