Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crime Update

At the Housing Liaison Board last night, PCSO Kevin Large reported back on reported crime for October to date. Overall, crime is down 18% compared to same month last year 52 offences against 72 at the same point. Burglary is down by 66% to just three offences this month. There have been no robberies either so far this month. Vehicle crime remains a problem with 10 offences so far this month, compared to 11 last year and they were up 33% year on year in September.

Officers are focussing on this and have been tracking down owners of vehicles left unlocked or with items left on display to tempt thieves.

There's been a spate of shoplifting, but a suspect has been identified for thefts of meat from Aldi and Farmfoods. Two have been arrested for theft of aftershave from Boots, having been detained by the security officer employed by the Business Improvement District. There were also a couple of thefts of customer from Ladbrokes and the Red Lion. One person is also wanted in relation to a theft of money and a debit card - the victim was followed into Sainsburys from the cashpoint, the thief got talking to them and stole the items.