Thursday, January 24, 2013

Diary Date - Yardley District Committee 24 Jan 2013

Yardley District Committee
Thursday 24 January 2013
2pm - Committee Room 6, Council House

Key items of interest (check the agenda for full list):

  • Revenue budget monitoring (April to December)
  • Local Services Performance Report
  • Fleet and Waste Management
  • Newly Devolved Services - Regulation and Enforcement
  • Amey - Consultation on Highway Programme 2013-14
  • Reform of Special Educational Needs Provision and the role of the Parent Partnership

This is a public meeting and the chair has the option to allow members of the public to speak. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

School Closures for Monday 21 January

CLOSED (via Disruption in Birmingham)
Acocks Green Primary
Cottesbrooke Infants (NOT Juniors)
Holy Souls
The Oaklands

Ninestiles (via school website)
Archbishop Ilsley (via school website)

All Solihull Schools confirmed closed.

I would expect other schools to be added to this list tomorrow morning, so check local radio stations, follow @BCCDisruption on Twitter or on their website. The site will be busy and despite extra capacity being added, can be expected to be rather hard to access. Twitter has proved really helpful in terms of getting information out there.

Decisions on emergency closures are taken by the head teacher and governing body of each school, as they are deemed best able to understand the local situation in regards to the school site, transport for pupils and staff or even the roads around the site. The local authority can in exceptional cases, enforce closure on voluntary controlled and community schools, but not on academies or voluntary aided schools.

The current forecast is that the light snow will persist until the small hours of Monday and there is a chance of further snow on Tuesday, although that forecast will firm up one way or the other as we get nearer. Ice is certain to remain a problem, however.