Thursday, January 12, 2012

Acocks Green Ward Committee - 11 January 2012

Just a brief meeting last night and only a few members of the public present. Planning proved interesting, with much discussion of the Asda proposal for the Eaton site at the top of the ward - there will be a substantial objection as this will break up a large chunk of industrial land and the transport connections are grossly inadequate for a development of that size in that location. It was also suggested that Asda be extended the courtesy of an invitation to the next Ward Committee on the 7 March at Oaklands School to present on their proposals, assuming that it hasn't come to Planning Committee before then.

A couple of other applications were discussed in some detail - the proposal for the car sales lot on the Warwick Road on the pub site and a change of use for a shop on Yardley Road beside the Baptist Church. These were chiefly on design issues, not wholehearted opposition. Cllr Stacey suggested that the shop change of use might be an ideal time to have the frontage restored to fit in with the proposed conservation area and also to request that the car lot is landscaped and has removed trees restored.

Other than that, positions on the Business Improvement District board, the board of a local housing trust and the community funding board were allocated to the councillors, with the Liberal Democrat majority ensuring that they hold the important BID seat.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Racist graffiti reported

While out and about on Sunday, I spotted some offensive racist graffiti in Botteville Road. It has been reported to the council for removal and should be gone within a day or so. I will check that it has been cleaned off.

If you need to report something like this, you can do it online through this page of the council website.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Planning Applications to 7 Jan 2012

2012/00020/PA - 122 Westley Road
Erection of 1no. 3 bedroom detached dwelling house
This is proposed to replace an existing garage and garden store backing onto Ilsley Drive.

You can find the details by inputting the reference number into the Council online database here.

At last - the smart card comes to the local buses

It may only be small steps at the moment and only available on a handful of services in Solihull, but the Midlansd equivalent of the London Oyster travel card looks to be on its way. The Rotala Signature card will be road tested on the S2, S2A, S3, S4, 30 and 82 services in Solihull and will allow a cash-free payment method for bus fares, bringing an end to that desperate search for change that characterises bus usage for those who haven't invested in a pass. It will even be slightly cheaper than paying in cash.

A tip of the hat to The Birmingham Press, who have the full story here. We just need to see this rolled out across the CENTRO area as soon as possible.