Monday, November 28, 2011

Distraction Burglaries -

Acocks Green Police have reported a small number of distraction burglaries in the Pemberley Road, Fox Green Crescent & Edenbridge Rd areas. Please be aware of offenders posing as officials or passers-by asking for help. Don't be bullied or pressurised into letting people you do not know in to your house.

Local officers are out and about speaking to residents and handing out crime prevention information. Make sure you report any suspicious behaviour and if in doubt, keep them out!

Remember that genuine callers will carry identification and will normally make an appointment first.

Always put the chain on the door - make sure your back door is locked while you answer the front door.

Don't be afraid to ask them to wait while you check on their identity or to come back at another time. Genuine callers won't mind that - they won't be bothered if you close the door to allow you to check. If you have any suspicions - just don't let them in. And remember - report it by dialling 999 and tell your neighbours too.