Friday, May 31, 2013

Bins roll out in Birmingham

This week sees the start of the first ward trial of wheelie bins in Birmingham, with Brandwood ward receiving theirs, ready for use. They were on display at the Lord Mayor's Show on Monday and here's a glimpse inside the new recyclate bin. You can see the insert for paper and card in this picture, on the left side of the bin.  This stays in the bin and is separated by the collection crew into the truck. Other dry recyclate - plastic and cans - can be dropped down into the gap to the right and fills the bottom of the bin.

Obviously there were mixed views from members of the public, but the staff on the stand were very positive - there were more in favour than against and some people were really anxious to know when their ward was going to get the new bins. The decision hasn't been taken yet, but should be made over the next few months.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Work completed on Arden Road junction improvement

Using some money set aside by a developer and some of our annual ward roads budget, we've just completed improvement work on the junction of Rookwood/Arden Road and Sherbourne/Flint Green Road. This has given priority to traffic heading up into the cul-de-sac of Rookwood. The idea behind this is to force traffic on Arden Road to stick to lane discipline rather than cut the corner onto Flint Green Road. The junction of Sherbourne Road and Flint Green Road has also been changed to improve sight lines, slow down traffic making the turn into Sherbourne Road and make pedestrian crossing safer with new dropped kerbs, textured paving and a pedestrian refuge.

This has been welcomed by residents on Arden Road and we're delighted to be able to deliver another improvement for Acocks Green.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shed some pounds on shed security

Solihull Police report that a number of sheds on the Gospel Lane allotments have been broken into. They offer advice on securing your garden and shed:

Here are some basic tips for you if you are looking to make sure your garden and shed are as secure as possible.

● Put gravel on paths and driveways to alert you to someone approaching
● Fix a wooden trellis to the top of fences as if climbed, it will break, creating noise and attracting attention.
● Ensure gates at the side or back of the house are kept locked with a good quality bolt and padlock.
● Do not leave ladders lying around.
● Install security lights to illuminate your garden.
● Keep shrubs, hedges and large plants cut back.
● The planting of a prickly hedge, such as firethorn, climbing rose or hawthorn, against existing fencing will act as a powerful deterrent.
● Speak to your local garden centre about plants which provide natural protection.
● Lock sheds with a padlock or mortice deadlock as they often contain tools suitable for breaking into your home.
● Check to see if your shed has sustained any damage after the Winter months which may make access easy for a burglar.
● If your shed has windows, consider putting net or curtains up
● Consider installing a battery operated shed alarm
● Chain cycles, mowers, ladders and stools together inside the shed
● Consider having lockable steel boxes fitted to the floor of your shed to store tools in

Planning Applications to the 25 May 2013

Another quiet week:

2013/03471/PA - 62 Yardley Road, B27 6LG
Erection of rear detached storage building

You can find the details by inputting the reference number into the Council online database here

If you have any comments, you can submit them online - feel free to pass your comments on to me.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CANCELLED - Acocks Green Ward Committee May 29

As the start of the Council year has been delayed by the unavoidable postponement of the Council AGM and we had a single item agenda for Ward Committee on Wednesday 29 May, it has been cancelled. This should have been updated on the council website, but this hasn't been done. My apologies for that.