Friday, May 31, 2013

Bins roll out in Birmingham

This week sees the start of the first ward trial of wheelie bins in Birmingham, with Brandwood ward receiving theirs, ready for use. They were on display at the Lord Mayor's Show on Monday and here's a glimpse inside the new recyclate bin. You can see the insert for paper and card in this picture, on the left side of the bin.  This stays in the bin and is separated by the collection crew into the truck. Other dry recyclate - plastic and cans - can be dropped down into the gap to the right and fills the bottom of the bin.

Obviously there were mixed views from members of the public, but the staff on the stand were very positive - there were more in favour than against and some people were really anxious to know when their ward was going to get the new bins. The decision hasn't been taken yet, but should be made over the next few months.

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