Saturday, July 05, 2008

Carnival Time Again

It didn't seem too good this morning, with darkened skies and the rain lashing the windows, but the gloom lifted enough to give us a few hours of sunshine and blue skies. As usual, the Labour Party in Acocks Green turned out to run a small stall and the visitors were quite positive about us and we did a good trade in our games, including a Guess the Weight of the Cake competition.

As today marks the 60th birthday of the National Health Service, my wife produced this doctor's bag laden with equipment and medicine for the stall.

We'd barely set up the stall in the shade of the trees when our first customer hove into view. You know, I'm sure I've met him somewhere else before. Ironic really, that John Hemming's shiny pound will go towards the costs of ejecting him at the next election. His guess, of 2lbs (everybody made their suggestions in imperial measurements) was way out, as the actual weight was just under 2 lb 13 oz and the winner now has her cake.

Appearing in Pravda

By some editing error, it appears that your Acocks Green correspondent has managed to get himself into the council newspaper as a result of the planting work a few weeks back. What was interesting was the number of people who made a point of commenting on the picture while I was at the carnival. It appears that it is also on display in the library. Still, it is good to see the hard work of a number of local residents recognised on a wider scale and I know that the Town Centre Manager, Melinda, has put a fair deal of work into getting this done.
No idea who the bloke standing at the back is. He's not from round these parts.