Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bronze for Acocks Green in Bloom

I'm really pleased that Acocks Green in Bloom has picked up a bronze award. The BID and the volunteers (including your local councillors) worked really hard on this and to be rewarded this way at the first attempt is a real testament to how hard they worked.

Full marks and onwards towards gold!

Streetworks Update

A couple of projects kicking off at the moment.

The most important one is the works down on Yarnfield Road around the school. To improve road safety for pupils and local residents, the road is to be made one way and traffic calming added from Walden Road to Briarfield Road. This is long overdue and I have been pushing on this with Highways since I won back in May. This was due to start on Wednesday, but the contractor has been delayed and will now be starting work on Monday.

Secondly, work is about to start around the Woodcock Lane junction, installing raised paving to provide level access for residents in Needwood House and hopefully act as something of a deterrent to drivers speeding towards the narrow, one-way bridge over the railway. This was due to start today, but has been delayed for about a week as a temporary traffic order will be required to close the road during working hours. I'll be following this up with the Highways team, as access will be difficult to properties in the road if this is the case.