Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Bins update

I'm told that bin collections in Acocks Green were brought up to date over the weekend by overtime working - there were crews out on Sunday clearing the backlog. If there are any outstanding collections, please do let me know.

Overall, volumes remain high, so this might mean that there are still the odd collection that gets delayed. Generally, missed collections will be picked up on the next working collection day.  Normally, it does take us two to three weeks to recover from the Christmas shutdown and the additional volume, so we seem to be a little ahead of the game.

Volume matters, because the more we all throw out, the longer it takes for the crew to put it in the wagon and the more often the wagon has to be emptied.

We've perhaps got away with it compared to last year, as we haven't had the snow and ice to contend with, but then January is still young!

Monday, January 06, 2014

Birmingham Development Plan Consultation Opens

The City Council approved the next stage of the creation of the Birmingham Development Plan at Full Counil at the start of December. This plan lays out a framework for development across the whole of the city until 2031.

It now goes out to public consultation until noon on the 3 March 2014. You can comment in several ways:

On line at www.birmingham.gov.uk/plan2031

By post to: Director or Planning and Regeneration, Birmingham City Council, PO Box 28, Birmingham, B1 1TU

Email to: planningstrategy@birmingham.gov.uk

Council officers will also be available to provide advice on completing the comments form at community libraries as follows:

16 Jan 10am - 4pm - Sutton Coldfield Library
21 Jan 2pm - 3:30pm - Handsworth Library
22 Jan 10am - 12:30pm - Walmley Library
23 Jan 10am - 4pm - Sutton Coldfield Library
31 Jan 11am - 1:30pm - South Yardley Library
6 Feb 1pm - 3pm - Northfield Library
8 Feb 10am - 4pm - Sutton Coldfield Library
15 Feb 10am - 1pm - Walmley Library

You can also obtain advice by visiting the offices at 1 Lancaster Circus in the City Centre or by calling 0121 303 4041 between 10am and 4pm on weekdays.

After this has been completed, the plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State and a planning inspector will be appointed to examine the "soundness" of the plan.

Acocks Green Library Update

Work will restart this week to complete the repairs to the library - it is on course for handover towards the end of the month, weather permitting. We have to complete some additional works, including improving the lightning protection for the building, repairs to the concrete lintel and staircase in the staff area, repairs to the fascia and also much needed repairs to the ramp and the external brickwork. We'll also try to fit in some internal redecoration of the library if the budget allows.