Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The picture shows a building in Acocks Green called 'The Churchill Club'.

The building is of local historical interest as it dates from the back end of the 19th century and has links to the Arts & Crafts movement. It has also now been locally listed as Grade A, to ensure that planners require sympathetic treatment (this isn't the same as the national listing scheme, unfortunately).

The building is ideally located and ripe for conversion for use as a community facility - something seriously lacking in Acocks Green. That hasn't stopped the City Council declaring it surplus to requirements and putting it up for sale, with the closing date set for the end of April.

There are plans afoot to try and raise the money required to refurbish the building and put it to good use, but it is likely that this will take more than a few weeks.

We're calling on the council to withdraw the property from sale and give the community a chance to develop proposals for the benefit of all.

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