Monday, December 05, 2011

Police Ops in Acocks Green

More from the officers on the ground in Acocks Green. The start of the month saw   traffic stops being carried out in the ward, with 31 vehicles stopped. 7 were seized for not having insurance and/or tax; 2 persons were arrested - one on warrant and one for drugs offences; 11 drivers were issued 'producers'; 5 received fixed penalties for illegal window tints; 1 for an illegal numberplate and 6 for using a mobile phone while driving. In addition, a small amount of cannabis and Class A drugs were seized.

Amazing what a bit of traffic work can deliver, isn't it? It has been known for some while that if a vehicle is stopped for no insurance or tax, there is a good chance that other offences will materialise.
Remember that accidents involving uninsured drivers hike the costs of insurance for everyone else, so the news that one day in Acocks Green took 7 cars off the road has to be good news for all drivers who pay their way. If the cars are not collected by an insured driver with proof that the tax has been paid, then they will be removed from the road permanently and delivered to the crusher. The police promise that this will happen across the winter, so the message to those who want to break the law and put others at risk has to be - the boys and girls in blue will be pulling you over for a quiet word.

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