Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Policing Update

We've had a couple of local policing meetings with residents in the past few weeks - one over at Lakey Lane and one at the Baptist Church on Yardley Road. The news remains broadly good and crime remains low. We've had a statistical spike in robberies, but because we have very few across the ward, just one more makes a difference - although every robbery has a victim and a crime behind the number. We had eight burglaries from homes and two thefts from sheds. There has been another small spike in thefts from motor vehicles, predominantly from VW models along the Shirley Road corridor. Overall, though, crime remains low and generally down on last year. We've also had a problem with thefts of lead overnight - do please report any suspicious activity, although it only takes a few minutes to take the lead from an accessible domestic roof.

Residents over in Lakey Lane continue to report being disturbed by anti-social use of quad bikes and motorbikes. The police have been listening - they've been targetting the users and have issued warning notices to some of the riders.

Let me know of other problems in the area.

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