Monday, January 28, 2013

Bin collections

We've done our best to maintain black bin bag collections on the main roads across the ward and Acocks Green, but many of the side roads have simply proved too treacherous for the heavy bin wagons and our crews to operate safely across the week. As the weather conditions have changed over the weekend, normal collections will resume this week and missed collection will be collected as normal, although we will try to prioritise missed recycling collections from last week.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused last week, but the weather was exceptionally poor and persistent and we have to put the safety of the public and our crews as our top priority.


charlie said...

What the update on birminghamnewsroom actually says is '…recycling collections not completed this week will also be prioritized for collection next week…'

You have added a gloss to this by saying 'try to prioritise'.

Either missed collections are prioritised or they are not.

John O'Shea said...

I was going with information provided by the relevant Cabinet Member. It is entirely possible that the Newsroom have a more up to date source than that.

I would prefer 'try', which recognises that it might not be possible to catch up on all recycling collections this week.

I do try not to promise that which I cannot deliver.

charlie said...

This is a communications issue. I don't have access to the Cabinet Member so I rely on birminghamnewsroom. I'm sure anything they publish is agreed by FWM. So somebody senior there decided to make it a cast iron promise rather than an aspiration.

Anonymous said...

John - Gospel lane has now been missed for a second week so also have parts of the Warwick road, and public bins are overflowing - it's a mess out there - what is going on, this can not be blamed on snow!!!!

Anonymous said...


Bins bags have not been collected for a second week on Gospel Lane and parts of Warwick Road have not been collected for 2 weeks! Not sure we can blame snow for this?