Friday, March 01, 2013

Turning Acocks green

Pictured left is one of the new bollards that forms part of the major refresh of the street furniture - benches, bollards and bins - in the Acocks Green Village. This has been delivered by your Labour team, who had to argue hard with the our own Deputy Leader to ensure that we could deliver this investment in our local town centre. Even in these tough times, we've got to ensure that this remains an attractive place for people to open businesses and for us to shop in.

Don't forget, we've got more improvements coming with £1.7 million to be spent on improving the Warwick Road through the Village over the next couple of years.

Add to that the work to be done on Acocks Green Station - thanks to a decade of hard campaigning by local people desperate to see access to the platforms improved and we've got some good news to come for our area.

Watch this space!

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Unknown said...

Er, um, John ... true there has been a bit of campaigning now and then for the railway station, over the last decade, and agreed it is good that there are to be improvements there, but local people have only had limited time for that because they have put in a decade of 'hard campaigning' for money to be spent in the centre: huge amounts of liaison work with the council, meetings, workshops, visits to other places, media work, letters etc etc. Please can we not forget this, and please can we also bear in mind that the 1.7 million, and the general structure of the redesign, was in the pipeline before the present Labour administration arrived?