Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Acocks Green Policing Update

Recorded crime since the start of April has been exactly the same as it was last year - 37 offences recorded. One was a house burglary and we've had three vehicle crimes, but no robberies. Our local officers are targeted to cut recorded crime by 5% this year, on top of the 10% from last year.

To tackle some of the anti-social behaviour around Lidl and Merestones petrol station on Fox Hollies Road, the retail radio scheme that has proved very effective in the Green will be extended to those stores. This allows retailers to share intelligence and have direct contact with the police officers on duty, helping to speed up response to incidents.

As the days get longer and we head towards summer, the perennial problem of quad bikes and motorbikes being driven irresponsibly is likely to return. The police have removed one in recent weeks and it will be crushed - the owners rarely pay the collection and storage fees. Two other riders have been issued with warning letters and continued breaches will lead to prosecution. To tackle this, they need information on ownership, so please get in touch with them - you can contact them through Crimestoppers anonymously if you wish.

Some good news - money from the proceeds of crime has been awarded to the Acocks Green Village Partnership and has been used to support the Big Dig over on Mallard Road.

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