Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unemployment in Acocks Green and Yardley

A bit of good news as unemployment in Yardley declined by 131 month on month. Youth unemployment dropped by 73, but remains at over 1000 and the number of long term unemployed remained essentially static, increasing by one to 1464.

Acocks Green is behind the Birmingham unemployment claimant rate (11.7%) with a claimant rate of 10.2%, the second lowest in the ward. Sheldon has a claimant rate of just 7.4%, but Stechford is slightly higher than us on 10.6% and South Yardley is up on 11.9%, which translates to 1405 claimants in total.

The map's darker areas show the patches of unemployment by severity. Aston, for example, has an unemployment rate over 30% and the four Sutton Coldfield wards are all under 4%.

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Julia said...


I think there is a typo here? When you say we are the second lowest for unemployment 'in the Ward' I think you mean 'in the constituency'