Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not a bad couple of days

Not a bad day all round - I had a really good afternoon at the Council House with the young people from the House of Play and Education who were on a guided tour of the building and asked some key questions. Even there, wheelie bins came up for discussion.

I had a quick phone call from the police about some offensive graffiti on Starcross Road, which they had reported and been promised removal by Amey by September 4th. Knowing which buttons to press, I had that graffiti removed within an hour.

And now, after raising a bit of grief over the delays from the contractor on moving forward the repairs to Acocks Green Library roof, it looks as though we might be getting closer. We've got a price which is now within the budget and are moving towards a pre-start meeting. No dates yet, but we look to be more or less on the way now!

Add to that yesterday's highly effective meeting with CENTRO, NXWM and the LSTF design team and it has been a rather productive couple of days.

Still time for the week to go wrong, though.

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