Thursday, August 01, 2013

Green in Bloom

For what it is worth, I've not seen Acocks Green looking better than it did on Tuesday morning in readiness for the Britain in Bloom judges' arrival. I spent an hour with them walking along the length of the Warwick Road, supporting Fran and Ged and explaining what had been done, the plans for the future and the tremendous community support that the In Bloom project has received. My horticultural knowledge is severely limited, so that speciality I left up to others better qualified. We dropped by the orchard on Mallard Close, where they met the young artist who has painted the brilliant mural and chatted to a half dozen other local people who were at the heart of creating our entry. I left them at the junction with Woodcock Lane, as I had another appointment, but I understand that they were impressed with the rest of the tour, including Millennium Green, Arden Road and St Mary's Close.

We spend a lot of time being critical, so I'd really like to pass on my thanks and praise to Fran and Ged for their work in putting it together and leading the project, to the dozens of other people in Arden Road, St Mary's Close and those who came to help from across Acocks Green (and the City). Thanks also need to go to the trustees of Millennium Green, that little oasis of the wild in the suburbs and to the businesses and management of the Business Improvement District for their help. I really must praise the city council people who helped out - Highways, Housing, Fleet and Waste Management and Parks managers and crews really got behind the project and they've all contributed to making it the best ever entry from Acocks Green to this contest, many of them going above and beyond the call of duty to help.

We deserve better than last year's bronze, but whatever the result, the hard work of dozens of people has paid off.

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