Friday, September 27, 2013

Update - Library Repairs

Floors, shelves and books protected and scaffolding up inside
This morning, I attended the first of the regular meetings about the progress of repair work to the library. The roof covering is being replaced, along with all the skylights. Fortunately, we've managed to get the price down so that we're able to do the whole roof (the previous plans only envisaged two thirds of it being done, with a chunk over the staff areas being left to rot, even though water damage is apparent).

You won't see a lot from the front - the parapet at the top is far higher than you think at about 3m. Work is underway scaffolding the building and the internals have all been protected and wrapped properly. There are a few asbestos tests planned in for the start of next week - ones that couldn't be done until work is ready to start, owing to the destructive nature. The outcome isn't expected to cause any major delays, as they are most likely to only require a shift in working practice rather than outright removal.

Final designs of the roof lights are still to be agreed with the conservation officer, but the lead time on the replacement units is such that this isn't going to cause a delay. Similarly, we're just finalising the type of glass to go into the roof elements of the rooflights - it will probably be a self-cleaning, heat reflecting glass - while the side panels will be clear glass.

Up on the roof - four different types of roof lights in this space
The contractors are aware of the war memorial to the front of the building and there will be no need to restrict access. They have also been reminded of the need to show particular respect around any services held on Monday 11 November.

Currently, we're still on budget and on course to complete site works by the 13 December. After that, there will be some delay while the library staff get themselves back into their home, but hopefully no more than a week.

As always, keep an eye on the blog for the next update - probably in about a fortnight.

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