Saturday, January 04, 2014

Bin collections update

As usual at this time, the collection rounds for the binmen are particularly heavy - the Christmas and Boxing Day holidays added an extra week's collection to those who normally have their collections on Wednesday or Thursday and that goes on top of the extra waste as a result of the holiday.

Those are the only two bank holidays that we don't collect rubbish as normal and it usually takes a couple of weeks to catch up. Last year was worse because of the snow and ice, but it looks as though we might get away with just the wind and rain at the moment.

The crews are doing all they can to minimise the amount of rubbish not collected each day, but the sheer volume makes it difficult. Some parts of Acocks Green are about a day behind on collections, although there may be pockets where it is a little worse. Crews are working this weekend to clear the backlogs and they will prioritise black bag collections over the recyclables - but all will be cleared.

If there are any patches that are more than a day late, let me know and I'll make sure it gets cleared.

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