Thursday, March 13, 2014

Acocks Green Conservation Area - Consultation tonight

6pm- 8pm at the Glynn Edwards Hall at the junction of Alexander Road and Yardley Road.

This is a really important decision and everybody covered by the proposal really should understand it and make their views known. Like all the councillors in Acocks Green, I'm in support of the proposal which will help protect some of our history. 

People do forget how new Acocks Green is - great chunks of what we see today was farmland only 80 years ago - and just because the housing is more modern, that doesn't mean it isn't historically important. Acocks Green expanded with the coming of the railway and was drawn into Birmingham in 1911, growing as a railway suburb around the station. This conservation proposal gives that some protection. 

We already have one conservation area nearby - at the top of Shirley Road is the the Three Magpies pub, which is surrounded by fine examples of 1930s housing. They aren't without implications for homeowners - the 'permitted development' rights are removed and a planning application is required for changes to the property, although it is free. 

The movers and shakers in this have been the Acocks Green Focus Group and you can find more details on their site. 

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