Monday, April 07, 2014

Western Power help out residents

With the new gate on Knights Road.
We've managed to sort a few problems for the residents on Knights Road over the past few weeks. Some kind soul had dumped asbestos roof panels in the communal drive behind their homes, so we had those removed. We've also arranged for the alleyway to be gated off to prevent any recurrence and also to stop other instances of anti-social behaviour. 

Then one of the residents mentioned to me that the electrical substation on the road had a problem. Contractors working there had left the old iron fence secured with plastic cable ties and it wasn't very secure or particularly attractive. 

I contacted Western Power Distribution, who were out within a couple of weeks and replaced the old, broken metal fencing with this new wooden one and a brand new gate as well. WPD have also sorted out another resident, who had a broken down wire fence between them and another of their installations. There, they've also installed a new wooden fence. 

Western Power are the company that actually deliver the electricity to your homes in this region - known as the DNO - they're the ones you call if the power fails as opposed to ones to whom you pay your bills. It is nice to report that they have proved really helpful. 

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