Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Changes to green waste collections for 2014

The last green waste collections this year will be in the fortnight between the 15 and 29 November, depending on your normal collection day.

Collections will restart in the fortnightly cycle beginning the 24 February 2014. This will no longer be a free service - we simply can't afford to maintain it, thanks to swingeing government cuts.

You have to sign up to the scheme online and if you do so before 15 November 2013, you will only have to pay £30. Signing up afterwards will cost £35 and this price will apply until the 31 July 2014, when the price drops to £17.50 for the remainder of the year. .

We'll provide 20 collections over the collection season in 2014 - February to November. Most properties will be supplied with a wheeled bin, but some properties may be deemed unsuitable and will be supplied with 60 special green bags for the year.

You will also be able to take green waste to our Household Recycling Centres at no cost.

The best option for your green waste is to compost it at home - that cuts out all the carbon emissions from transporting it. You can get some advice on it here.

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