Thursday, October 31, 2013

Policing Update

The dispersal order on the Gospel Estate has been in force since the 14 October and two arrests were made within a couple of days. One was arrested for a public order offence and one for returning to the area after being ordered to leave. More positively, a number of the young people have been put forward for the November Prince's Trust course. There's also an outstanding application for funding under the Proceeds of Crime Act to support further activity. Reports of an aggressive beggar in the village are being tackled through anti-social behaviour legislation. 

Total recorded crime is up 20% year on year to date - but at the end of September, it was up 26%, so inroads are being made. Within that figure, burglaries are up 100%, robbery down 3%, vehicle crime up 9.9%. In September, there were nine burglaries - six of which happened overnight, which is an unusually high number to happen overnight. Six were burgled through the rear of the property, two from the front and one through the garage. Of those nine burglaries - four were properties left insecure. Robberies dropped by four last month, with just two recorded. Finally, there were 14 thefts from motor vehicles - two were left insecure with doors unlocked, two were incidents of number plate theft, five where goods were left on show (laptops and satnavs prove tempting) and one was a case of a digger on a trailer being stolen. 

Over recent weeks, a lot of effort has been focused on the Gospel Estate, with the additional patrols from other departments within the police, including traffic and the operational support unit. Even the firearms unit have been on the patch, but that hasn't been because of a need for their particular skills - just that officers not required elsewhere have been called to help out with high visibility patrols. 

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